FS40E Floor Saw



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Product Details
15 kW-400 V 3-phase electric motor Blade-Ø 1000 mm (40") Cutting depth 400 mm (16") Adjustable handle bars for operators comfort Continuously adjustable cutting depth Electro-hydraulic drive, detachable. Saw can be moved without blade running. Blade depth control and rapid blade lift by electro-hydraulic Divisible blade guard - can be raised for intersections Right- and lefthand cutting Self-priming water pump User-friendly control panel Emergency stop Lifting eye Well balanced chassis for best cutting performance
Specifications: GÖLZ FS40E Max Cutting depth:            400 mm Blade diameter:                 1000 mm Shaft size:                          25,4 mm Water-connection:              integrated water pump Motor:                                 3-phase electric motor Power:                                400 V; 15 kW; 32 A Shaft speed:                       1032,5 min-1 Feed motion:                      Electro-hydraulic drive Cutting depth adjustment:  Continuosly adjustable V-Belt tension:                    Self-adjusting belt tensioner (half automatic) Dimensions (LxWxH):        1.150 x 800 x 1.210 mm Weight:                               418 kg (920 lbs)

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