German 14 in Diamond blade 12mm


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Product Details
Large diamond blade for construction materials, concrete, cure concrete, reinforced, chalky sandstone. Maximum performance regardless of the application. Designed for construction above and below the ground, road building, roofers and stone cutters. This blade can be use on handheld machinery, table saws, electric joint cutters. oSa guidelines and are guaranteed to comply with the European safety standard. First-rate cutting performance Applications: Construction Materials, Concrete, Cure Concrete, reinforced, chalky sandstone. Advantage: high cutting performance- Long service life thanks to the use of premium-grade raw materials and diamond. Clean cutting edges. Effortless cutting thanks to short serrated segments
  • Diameter: 14"
  • Seg Height: 12mm
  • Arbor Size: 1"/20mm x DP
  • Application: Cured Concrete | Paver | Brick | Block | Stone | Sandstone
  • Cutting Method: Wet or Dry

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