KS400E Wire Saw



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Portable compact wire saw for small cutting jobs from 16x16 in. (400x400 mm) to 32x32 in. (800x800 mm) _______ Compact wire saw based on core drill rig KB400 for small cutting jobs Especially designed for small and precise cutting jobs, either dry or wet. Based on the modular Gölz system, the KS400 can be converted to a core drill rig within a few minutes. Wire drive: Driven by a single phase, 4.5 hp (3,3 kW) core drill motor and automatic feeding unit BorMatic80. Good cutting performance in reinforced steel, dry or wet, by using premium 8.5 mm Gölz diamond wire.
US Standard Metric
Drive electric
Power 4.5 hp 3,3 kW
Wire-storage 95 in. 2,40 meter
Wire-Ø 8 in. 200 mm
Drive-Ø 16 in. 400 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 21.65 × 32 × 43 in. 550×810×1100 mm
Weight complete 216 lbs. 98 kg

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