MAKINEX Glass Sucker Attachment



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Product Details

Designed To Lift Heavy Glass Sheets In Glazing Applications

Safely lift glass elements with ease using the versatile powered hand truck – Glass Sucker Attachment The Makinex Powered Hand Truck (PHT2-140) is a universal materials handling solution that enables one person to safely lift and load equipment or bulky objects weighing up to 140kg (309lbs) on and off trucks and trailers. Costing a fraction of a budget forklift, the PHT2-140 is easy to use and does not require any operator licenses. It provides a quick and versatile alternative to using a forklift or tailgate loader for small loads. The Powered Hand Truck has many applications in workshops, warehouses, factories, depots, distribution companies, and hire and rental yards. Wherever bulky and awkward objects need to be loaded onto vehicles or moved around your facility. The PHT features a powered lift via a 12V 25A linear actuator. The lifting arm reach is controlled by the user lifting or lowering the handles, and the arm height is controlled via a simple thumb switch. The unique design enables a one-person operation to lift and load directly into a truck, vans, or utility vehicle. One can also place equipment and small loads on bench tops where they can be worked on. It eliminates awkward and dangerous one or two-person lifts and reduces the risk of muscle strains and back injuries from heavy lifting. The sturdy Powered Hand Truck is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver. After use, it is quickly folded down flat for easy transportation on a truck or storage. It comes with a hook attachment for lifting, moving, and loading small equipment and machinery such as water pumps, generators, air compressors, plate compactors etc. Several optional attachments (sold separately) are available for handling different types of objects. These include a fork-lift attachment for lifting, moving and loading small pallets and skids, and a glass sucker attachment for handling sheets of glass. The PHT glass sucker attachment is an excellent device for lifting glass elements up to 120 kgs in weight and 2000m(6ft5in) in height. Perfect for glass sheets that cannot be lifted by forks or hook attachments to load onto vehicles or higher platforms.

Challenges On The Job

  • There has to be a better way to lift heavy objects
  • Back injuries from lifting
  • Being able to lift 140kg piece of machinery into the back of my van
  • Ability to lift & load glass panels that cannot be lifted by forks or hook attachment
  • Ability to lift & load glass panels to higher platforms like vehicles

Our Solutions

  • Quick & easy alternative to forklift/tail gate loader, no license required
  • Multiple attachments allows you to lift various heavy objects easily
  • Innovative design allows one person to lift glass panels, glass sheets upto 120 kg
  • Equipped with the PHT Forklift Attachment, has a maximum height of 2000m (6ft5in)
Mass(Kg/Ibs) 7.9 kg/ 17.4 lb
Maximum Lift Height 2000mm / 6ft 5in
Safe Working Load (SWL) 120kg / 264lb

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