Silent Core Pattern Diamond Blade, Granite, Marble, Bridge Saw, Laser Welded


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Product Details

Brand: Diamond Tools


  • Patterned Diamond | Ultra Silent Core | Made in Korea
  • Diameter: 12" | Arbor: 50mm-60mm | Segment Height: 25mm
  • Application: Granite Engineered Stone
  • Use: Wet only
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Publisher: Diamond Tools International

Details: 25mm of Industry leading Patterned Diamond Technology combined with an Ultra-silent core provides optimum cutting performance. Radio Active stands out from the crowd in every aspect. Speed, Performance, Life, and overall BA(Bad Ass) factor... No matter the density of material that you are cutting the Radio Active Bridge Saw blade is your choice. The 25mm segments cut thru Granite, Engineered Stone, and quartzite materials. With the new 25mm Patterned Diamond Blades, the diamonds are arrayed in a specific pattern in each segment. This groundbreaking technology allows for uniform diamond exposure to the stone surface. The perfectly balanced cutting action provides a fast, smooth cut; and because the patterned diamonds are exposed to the stone at the same consistent rate as all the other diamonds in each segment, the blade life is greatly extended - 30%-40% longer blade-life than traditional blades. There is no uneven segment deterioration or premature diamond loss. PRINTED SUPPLY LIMITED, PLANE BLADE MAYBE SUBSTITUTED.

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