ZENESIS™ Hybrid White Resin Polishing Pads


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Product Details
New ZENESIS™ HYBRID WHITE RESIN POLISHING PADS are specially designed to deal with the challenges of engineered stone. Higher resin content in today's engineered stone present problems for traditional polishing pads. Standard pads can leave unacceptable swirl marks and scratches in your edge polish. Many colored pads can bleed and stain light colored Engineered Stones. The new ZENESIS™ pads specially formulated white resin will not scratch or stain even when brand new. These pads are made with a proprietary hybrid resin formula that works great on natural stone. And you won't believe what these pads can do on quartzite.
Part No. Description
ZASHP040050A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, 50 grit, Blue Backing
ZASHP040100A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, 100 grit, Yellow Backing
ZASHP040200A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, 200 grit, Orange Backing
ZASHP040400A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, 400 grit, Red Backing
ZASHP040800A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, 800 grit, Green Backing
ZASHP041500A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, 1500 grit, Light Blue Backing
ZASHP043000A3 4” x 3.0mm x 5/8, 3000 grit, Brown Backing

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