ZENESIS™ II Bridge Saw Blade


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Product Details
The ZENESIS™ II bridge saw blade revolutionized the stone fabricating industry by raising the bar for cutting speed and blade life. Straight and efficient cutting increases productivity while reducing stress on the bridge saw
  • 25mm segment height
  • Feed Rate up to 10 feet per minute
  • Cuts Granite and Engineered Stone
  • Wet Use Only
Part No. Diameter Segment Arbor Size
ZSG20V25T1212T 12" 25mm 60/50mm
ZSG20V25T1412T 14" 25mm 60/50mm
ZSG20V25T1612T 16" 25mm 60/50mm
ZSG20V25T1814T 18" 25mm 60/50mm
ZSG20V25T2014T 20" 25mm 60/50mm

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