ZENESIS™ M Bridge Saw Blade


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Product Details
ZENESIS™ now offers its exclusive patterned technology in a bridge saw blade designed specifically to cut marble and other soft stone products. As expected, this latest ZENESIS™ MARBLE blade offers exceptionally smooth,fast and chip-free cutting on all types of marble. This blade is available in diameters of 12" to 20" and is guaranteed to set the standard of performance and meet the demands of marble fabricators everywhere.
  • Designed specifically to cut Marble
  • Exceptionally smooth, fast, chip-free cutting
  • Silent Core
  • Wet Use Only
Part No. Diameter Segment Arbor Size
ZSMM10R1212T 12" 10mm 60/50mm
ZSMM10R1412T 14" 10mm 60/50mm
ZSMM10R1612T 16" 10mm 60/50mm
ZSMM10R1814T 18" 10mm 60/50mm
ZSMM10R2014T 20" 10mm 60/50mm

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