ZENESIS™ Miter Blade


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Product Details
The ZENESIS™ MITER blade is specifically designed to deal with the added side stress put on blades when miter cutting. Most mega segment (over 20mm) blades are designed only for straight cutting. The added downward pressure put on these blades while miter cutting can cause flexing at the weld and premature tension loss in the core. Our 10mm segments do not flex at the weld which makes it the straightest cutting miter blade on the market. Highest quality metal matrix and pattern diamond technology give long life to the shorter segment making it ideal for both miter and straight cuts. No more need to change blades to get accurate razor sharp miters! The segments are precisely brazed onto a extra heavy duty silent core to prevent flexing in the core and premature core failure.
  • Great for All Natural and Engineered Stone
  • Strong core to minimize flexing
  • 10mm segment to maximize life and minimize segment loss
  • Engineered bond for chip free cuts to leave an invisible seam
  • Wet Use Only

Part No.

Diameter Segment Arbor Size
ZMI20V10T1412T 14" 10mm 60/50mm
ZMI20V10T1612T 16" 10mm 60/50mm

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