ZENESIS™ Dry Z-Core Bits


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Product Details
The all‐new ZENESIS™ Z‐CORE BIT is engineered for optimal performance on granite and engineered stone. It is equipped with abrasive coating both inside and outside to reduce friction and to facilitate easy core removal. Featuring laser‐welded segments for safety and long life, this product provides maximum value.
  • Engineered for maximum performance on Granite and Engineered Stone
  • Can be used wet or dry
Part No. Diameter Segment Arbor Size
ZEDGPL025BSL 1" 8mm 5/8"–11
ZEDGPL032BSL 1 1/4" 8mm 5/8"–11
ZEDGPL035BSL 1 3/8" 8mm 5/8"–11
ZEDGPL038BSL 1 1/2" 8mm 5/8"–11
ZEDGPL044BSL 1 3/4" 8mm 5/8"–11
ZEDGPL051BSL 2" 8mm 5/8"–11

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