Why Are Cutting Tools Mostly Made Up Of Diamond?

diamond saw machine

Diamond is not only used for making chains,pendants and rings but it is also used for making circular saws/turbo rim saws and masonry blades. Yes, diamond tools are among the most popular tools used in the construction industry. Diamond, the hardest element, has the ability to resist high temperatures and therefore is used for cutting asphalt, concrete and tiles. Below are the 3 main properties of diamond because of which it is used for making specialty blades.

Diamond Has A High Melting Point

Diamond is made of robust covalent bonds. It means that if you want to separate these atoms, you need very high heat/energy. Diamond has a melting point of around 4900 degree Fahrenheit which is very high. Diamond does not easily melt, fights against the heat and hence are used for designing the majority of speciality blades in the manufacturing industry.

Diamond Is A Hard Metal

Do you know why diamonds are very hard? Well, it’s the carbon providing natural hardness. The abrasive material, Tungsten can also be scratched with the help of turbo saw diamond blades and diamond cross cuts. If you know about scale, diamond alone has the topmost Mohs ranking. Diamond cutting specialty blades are known for providing smooth, precise cuts.

Diamond Offers Durability

Like diamond jewellery, diamond blades and diamond saws can be used for longer periods. Workers exclaimed that tools developed from diamond can easily outlast other types of machines. If you are still in a doubt, you can check the performance of a diamond saw machine. These specialty blades can be used for cutting metals, bricks and tiles for so many years.


The three properties such as high melting point, durability and hardness make diamond as the ideal material for designing drills and saws. Diamond speciality blades resist the heat for a very long time and therefore provide clean cuts. Diamond’s hardness is the reason why so many circular saw blades, saw blades and speciality blades are available in the marketplace.

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